Become a Professional Speaker
How to start and/or develop your business as a paid motivational speaker

If you want to be a professional speaker or are a motivational speaker that wants to build your speaking business then you will find these tips and resources helpful. There is a lot of valuable free advice on this site. Don’t ignore it just because the price is low.

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How to become a professional speaker?
Enjoy this frank conversation with professional speaker, George Torok.

If you want to become a professional speaker you have picked a good place to start. Professional speaking is an easy business to get into because ‘everyone can speak’. But the biggest mistake that many beginning speakers make is to focus only on the “speaking” instead of the “business”.
“I get many questions from aspiring speakers about the professional speaking business. That’s why I compiled and posted these pages. I did some homework for you and it’s up to you to do some homework for yourself.”
George Torok


Don’t you dare ask me for free advice unitll you’ve read everything on this website.

If you contact me and it seems to me that you have not invested reasonable time and thought into this vocation I will most likely ignore you. That in itself is valuable advice.

If you don’t like the sound of that previous statement then you might not make it in the speaking business. It’s a tough business full of harsh rejection.
Why would I help you?
I’m willing to offer you some free advice on this website. Some people have asked me, “Why would you help other people become professional speakers?” Aren’t they your competition? Technically yes.
Why help the competition?
The answer to that question is easy. Everything I know about the business of professional speaking I learned from other professional speakers and the professional speakers’ associations. Many speakers helped me along the way. So I’m happy to give back in appreciation and also because it feels like the right thing to do.

Are other speakers my competition? Maybe. If they compete with me I would rather know about them and have them feel good towards me. One reality is that the better my competition is, the better I must be, which forces me to continue to grow. Another rule of the universe is that everything you give away comes back to you. That is one of the reasons that networking works as explained in my books, “Secrets of Power Marketing” and “Your Guide to Networking Success”.

Another reality is that none of us fits every client’s needs. Other speakers often refer clients to me and I do the same for them. That is one of the strengths of this business because we each are unique – even if we speak about the same topic.

Don’t Waste Time – Yours or Mine

Another reason for these pages is to save time for me and for you. If you are interested in becoming a speaker or you are a speaker who is looking to grow your speaking business then read this section before you contact me. Invest in yourself before you ask me to invest in you. If you contact me my first question will be, “Did you read this section on my website?” If your answer is no, I might not talk with you or tell you to contact me later. Does that sound rude? My time and advice are valuable and if you want some of it then I expect you to respect it so I can offer you the same respect.

Contact me?
At this point, I’m not sure why you would contact me. But if you do, the best way to contact me is by email. We can schedule a no-charge 15-minute phone call.

Tell me what you want and how you think I might help you. Ask a specific question and you are more likely to get a better answer. (Or any answer.)

Please don’t leave me a voice message that states “Call me.” Because if you don’t tell me why I should call you – I won’t reply. If you are offended by that – then you will not make it in the professional speaking business.

Pick my brain? (It’s not free)
If you are serious and you want to “Pick my brain” then here are the terms. We can meet for lunch or breakfast – at a place of my choosing – for up to 90 minutes.

You pay for the meal plus a consulting fee of $500.00. Payment is due in advance and there are no refunds. I guarantee that I will be honest and direct. You will need to ask good questions and listen well.
Good luck to you in the professional speaking business
I look forward to seeing you on a platform one day. Say hello as we pass the baton on stage or lineup for our flight at the airport.

George Torok
Professional Speaker